We believe that each person has gifts, and that the church is better off when everyone is contributing their strengths to the life of the church. Here are a few ways to plug into the life of The Table.

Prayer: Prayer is an important part of the Christian life, and an important part of the life of the church. We meet monthly to pray, but also encourage our members to continually pray for each other, our community and our world. Our next prayer meeting is October 24 at 7:00. Email Jessica if you’re interested in joining the prayer ministry.

Hospitality: Hospitality is an important part of our Sunday service.  If you enjoy making others feel at home, join our hospitality team!  Email Ashley.

Set Up: Because of our unique space, set-up takes a team of people each week to help create our worship space. If you like working with your hands and arranging spaces – this is a great way to get involved. If you are interested in helping out with Set-Up, email Angela.

Creative/Worship: If you play an instrument, sing, paint, enjoy graphic design, or are versed in any number of artistic gifts, we’d love to think about how to use your gift in our church’s life! Email Douglas to explore the variety of ways to get involved!

Scripture: Each Sunday different members of the congregation read the scripture in our service. If you’d like to read scripture for a Sunday service, email Kevin.