Douglas Welcome

Creative Director

Douglas Welcome hails from the left coast, but is happy to currently call DC his home. One of his earliest memories centers around music, when at two years old, he discovered an old player piano covered in dust in a friends basement. While his primary instrument is bass, Douglas has considered himself a multi-instrumentalist, and his abilities have provided opportunities to travel and play with some of the world’s best musicians (You can hear some of his work with the San Diego based chamber-folk outfit, The Tree Ring). After many childhood recital performances, countless hours in practice rooms, and a few music degrees to boot, Douglas is now completing graduate studies in music theory at the University of Maryland.

Since high school, Douglas has been connected with the intersection of church and music, either through leading worship or playing with some of southern California’s finest worship leaders. He is passionate about the dialogue between cultivated and vernacular music and what this can mean for cooperate worship in today’s church.”